Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Art Exhibitions in NUI Galway

As well as the exam distress programme, there is another lovely way to relax during the exam period: Contemplating works of art. There are two art exhibitions running in NUI Galway at the moment for students and staff to enjoy.

'Taking Note or the Curious Eye',
Curated by Robin Jones.  An exhibition around the idea of noticing and taking note, featuring the notebooks of artists, musicians, academics & more.  November 22 to December 20; 12-4pm, Tuesday to Saturday, Art Gallery (Quadrangle Building).

‘To notice and to record this noticing seems to me a very human activity. Whether it comes in the form of a sketchbook or written notebook, on a scrap of paper or via a laptop or iPhone or perhaps a sound recording.  Whether notes are for personal research, or come from a general curiosity to register “noticing” and the committing to memory, or even drawings made in conversation to explain something to another person, they are all about developing a contact with the world.’ – Robin Jones

'Placed: On the Habits of the Built Environment'
by Nicholas Ruth, Associate Professor of Art, Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Geneva, NY.  November 16 to December 13; 8am – 10pm daily, Arts Millennium Building, Ground Floor.  

  ‘Our technology is both a prosthetic and an armor, and maybe even a weapon, but fundamentally it is something we put between ourselves and the world, in order to mediate it.  This is a strange time, dark and contingent.’ – Nicholas Ruth

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