Celebrating is good for your head and your heart. There are small celebrations and big celebrations.  The small ones are the little rewards you give yourself after getting a block of study done. Be proud of what you have done. Tweet it. Then treat yourself to a walk by the canal or a chat with a friend.  Once a week have a bigger celebration. Galway is a city with so much to do and you will always bump into somebody when you are doing it. There are plenty of fun things at very little cost. Here are a few suggestions:

·         Walk up and down Shop Street, checking out all the talent
·         Visit the market by Saint Nicholas Cathedral on a Saturday to soak up all the lovely sounds, smells and colours
·         Walk the prom, and don’t forget to kick the wall
·         Scare the hell out of yourself by diving from the top of the Blackrock diving tower (although to avoid hypothermia it might be a good idea to wear a wetsuit)
·         Join all the dog walkers and joggers in Dangan for a constitutional walk or visit one of the many parks in and around Galway such as Salthill Park, Eyre Square, Terryland Forest Park, Barna Woods
·         Have an impromptu game of football in one of the above parks or in the college
·         Go to some of the many free events in Galway City Museum, Galway Arts Centre and Galway City Library (sometimes these even include free wine, but its consumption is not obligatory!)

Other good Galway past-times may be a little bit more expensive (which wouldn’t be hard seeing as all of the above are completely free) but are still well worth it: 
·         People watching from one of our many outdoor cafes. The cafes lining the sides of Shop Street and High Street and the one at the back of the Born Shopping Centre are just some that spring to mind.
·         Rent a rowing boat and head up along the Corrib to Menlo (being very careful to obey all safety instructions though, of course).
·         go to the Omniplex or Eye cinema, and keep an eye out for the Town Hall Theatre films on Sundays and free/very cheap NUIG films during the week (follow this link to NUIG's Societies page).
·         Pay a visit to the National Aquarium in Salthill, to see all kinds of weird and wonderful fish and other sea life.
·         Browse some of the shops in Galway. Whether it’s food, clothes, books or knick-knacks that take your fancy, they’re pretty much all here. Could end up being very expensive if you’re an impulse buyer though. You have been warned…
·         Hit one of the amusement arcades in the Headford Road Shopping Centre, City Limits in Oranmore or Seapoint in Salthill. You can play Qasar, bowling, bingo (it’s not just for little old ladies you know), car racing and dancing games. Just be careful not to end up spending all your money on the slot machines.
·         Play pool or snooker in the snooker hall on Eglinton Street or on campus in the Hub Cafe  - the Hub has fooseball tables too. And being good at pool isn’t necessarily a sign of a misspent youth!
Spend money. All that money you saved after you quit smoking and dieting and cut down on the drinking and gambling can be used for even bigger treats. Galway city is the gateway to some of the most incredible scenery and history in Ireland. Take a weekend off and go visit the Burren, Aran Islands, Inish Boffin, Athenry, Oughterard...
There are plenty of websites to check out. Here as few to get you started:

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