Welcome to the archive. Due to the volume of blogs posted over the years, I decided to list only a selection of articles, which I have listed under the following headings: Alcohol, Bullying, Comedy, Exams & Study, Food, Health, Relationships, Resilience & Wellbeing, Sexual Health and Sexual Violence.

Throughout the year there are also plenty of blogs about local Art, Culture, Health and Wellbeing events. The best way to find out about these and much more is by following riskybizzness on twitter and facebook. Comments on blogs are always welcome. I hope you find the archive useful.

Alcohol – bad news, good news & even better news
Breast Cancer and Alcohol
Rape and Alcohol

Cyber & Text Bullying
Don’t Be A Bystander to Bullying
Free advice on when and when not to use the word gay....
It's what men do isn't it?
Say No To Homophobic Bullying


Aztec style executions to solve Ireland's alcohol problems?
An erotic (if cautionary) winter's tale...
Benefits of smoking?
Dangers of ‘Modern Dancing’!

Get Drunk Sensibly!
Galway's Latest Porn Movie!
Handy Tips for new Flat Mates

Handy Tips on Fighting Zombies
How to keep on getting drunk sensibly... :-)
LOL! Love Our Lentils :-)
Monkeys, Flat Mates & Deep Fryers
More Benefits of Smoking?
Sing, Shag, Sing again... Do a Survey...
Today I am being an English Lady (with a mysterious past...)
True Confessions of a Shopping Mall Santa

Exam De-stress Tips
Free slide show on how to overcome distractions
Study, Friends & Rewards
Top Tips For Note Taking in Lectures
More Top Tips For Note Taking in Lectures
Even More Tips For Note Taking in Lectures
Top Tips for research - part one
Top tips for research - part two
Top tips for research - part three
Top tips for research - part four

Debate about benefits and risks of fruit drinks and smoothies
Energy Drinkswill have a negative impact on your exams and studies
Food Is Fun
Myths about food, weight and body image
The Mediterranean Diet

Cancer - early diagnosis and risk reduction
Colds at a glance
Flu at a glance

Good news - Cancer can be prevented
Sick Happens
Sore Throats At A Glance
Tips for a Happy and Healthy Christmas Season
Tips for staying healthy on campus - Food & Water
Tips for staying healthy on Campus – Physical Activity
Tips for staying healthy on campus - Relaxation
Tips for Staying Healthy on Campus - Sleep

Benefits of equality and diversity
Dating - Go For It! Have Fun!
Falling in Love, Staying romantic
Peer Pressure
Take a risk - make friends

To give and receive love...

Active Travel in Galway - Walking & Cycling
Cigarettes and Acne
Free Advice on how to budget your money
Free download booklet on success and wellbeing...
Going through a tough time? Help is now online....
Have you started a journal yet?
Health Connect Volunteers
How to be happy -Tips for cultivating contentment
More Tips for keeping healthy on campus

Tips for a Happy and Healthy Christmas Season
Xmas Shopping! Is it good or bad for you?

How to put on a condom
Horny but Healthy… (video)

Rape and Alcohol
"What do you do to avoid rape..."
What to do if you are raped 

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