Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Get Drunk Sensibly!

Some people are simply not capable of enjoying the ancient Galway pastime of drinking till you vomit. Fortunately, most supermarkets sell tins of chunky vegetable soups that not only look like vomit – thick, with lumps of root veg – but has that unmistakable sweet puke scent. So now it’s easy to pretend you're a hard drinker.  Simply totter about shouting incoherently, then bend over, make barfing noises and discretely whip out your magic soup tin. Pop it open and Hey Splatto there you have yir own genuine pool of chewy, chunky, chunder. There is of course an alternative option. Go clubbing, dance, meet people - all without any alcohol or drugs.  

Funky Seomra is an alcohol and drug free nightclub for body, heart and soul. It is for people of all ages and all backgrounds, in short absolutely everyone is welcome. Funky Seomra’s aim has been to create a festival like atmosphere without alcohol or drugs. The door policy is over 18′s and strictly alcohol and drug free. That’s it.

''Amazing night!! We love it….''  The Irish Times
''Absolutely fantastic, you should definitely try it, you'll love it!!  Des Bishop, RTE 1
"Funky Seomra is changing how its possible to socialize in Ireland''  Today FM

The latest Funky Seomra takes place this Saturday 6th June in with great tunes, organic cafe, massage and shiatsu, chill out space, great visuals, beautiful people and lots of dancing! Funky Seomra use a top class sound system and the new Traktor Kontrol S4 to bring you sweet sounding tunes so you can drop right in and dance  

Age - Over 18s.
Price - €12
- Alcohol and drug free.
VENUE: The Cube, Aras na mac leinn, Distillery Road, NUI Galway.

contact: | 086 0546556
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