Friday, 13 December 2013

Tips for a Happy and Healthy Christmas Season

Holiday drinks, a lack of exercise, day after day of eating too much of the wrong foods, and the combination of excitement and stress also upset even the best intentions for a happy and healthy Christmas. Here are a few tips to keep your season merry:
1.    Don’t assume that everyone else’s holidays are perfect.
2.    Tensions are bound to happen. People’s lives are disrupted at Christmas, and it’s easy to get tired and emotional, especially when alcohol is involved. We are often required to be with people we don’t really wish to be with. Try to be more flexible and understanding, or, if that’s not possible, just avoid any situations that are likely to lead to conflict. 
3.    Don’t spend more than you can afford. It will only make you feel worse afterwards.
4.    Most of us will overeat at Christmas, so it’s even more important to get at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day. This will also help to keep the stress at bay.
5.    Even holiday food can fit into a healthy eating plan. The key is balance and moderation. Emphasise fruits and vegetables, and avoid that third helping of trifle that you know will just make you feel sick.
6.    Remember to chew your food slowly and thoroughly. Chewing is essential for the digestive process and can help prevent bloating, wind and indigestion. Chewing thoroughly also reduces the likelihood of overeating as it allows the brain the register when you are full.
7.    Take a walk after Christmas dinner. You’ll feel a lot better than if you collapse on the sofa, and it’s better for your digestion.
8.    Check your fire alarms.
9.    Wash your hands often, scrubbing thoroughly for 10-15 seconds, to prevent the spread of infections.
10.                       Make a New Year’s resolution to (pick at least one):
quit smoking, cut down on alcohol, be more active, eat more fruit and vegetables, cut down on salt, practice meditation or relaxation, learn a new skill, spend less time watching television, spend more time with loved ones, get a check-up, have your teeth cleaned, be happy!

 (if you want help with any of these, contact Cindy Dring, Health Promotion Officer, at ext. 2048 or email

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