Sunday, 23 February 2014

Free Spring Competition with stunning prizes

Its spring. The birds in the trees are chirpy (and horny). Flower buds are peeping out of the ground. There is so much to smell, see, hear and savour, and of course with every step you take you are strengthening your muscles, heart and lungs as well as releasing endorphins that lift your mood and help you cope with stress. But now, in addition to all these benefits, the simple pleasure of walking through the spring air can win you and your campus a treasure trove of stunning prizes (without all the bother of having to wrestle with fire breathing dragons).

The National Transport Authority has launched an initiative across Ireland called Marchathon 2014, asking students to get together in groups and pledge to walk thirty minutes a day for a week. It is that simple. There are daily spot prizes, a big draw and many other awards. Prizes include Tablets, ereaders and Marchathon goodies.

If you are interested check out Marchathon 2014
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