Friday, 21 November 2014

MANAGING EXAM STRESS: 3. Nervous energy


You may choose to work off your stress through physical exercise. Apart from calming you down, exercising also increases the rate of blood flow around your body, and to the brain as well. It appears that this can really help you to think more clearly and to learn better.

It doesn’t really matter whether you cycle, swim, play tennis, kick boxing, or do anything else as long as it’s your whole body you’re exercising. Sorry, Chess just isn’t good enough. Try going for a brisk thirty-minute walk. And focus on letting go of body tension. Most students return from such walks feeling decidedly more relieved and relaxed.

This article was written by Cindy Dring ofStudent's Services Health Promotion. If you have problems or worries you feel you would like to talk about confidentially, contact Cindy at 091-492048. Alternatively e-mail her at or just drop in to Aras Ni Eimhigh.

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