Friday, 1 August 2014

Hello Sunday Morning

Sunday morning is the perfect time for so many things: hanging out and catching up with friends and family; meeting that special someone who you are still a little too shy to go on a 'real' date with; diving into Galway Bay or walking along the banks of the Corrib; or just chilling by yourself. Sunday mornings are the best mornings of the week ever. Unfortunately there is a slight problem with Sunday mornings. It comes after Saturday evenings.

Too many people waste Sunday suffering sore heads, frayed tempers, bad stomachs and exotic farts. It’s not just Sunday mornings that are lost to the hangover but over time boozing will eat into your finances, affect your studies, add pounds to the waistline and play havoc with your liver, heart and mental well-being. Recent research also shows boozing leads to memory loss in later life

Hello Sunday Morning is a social media movement that creates a platform for individuals to create meaningful change in their lives by taking a short break from alcohol. By sharing their story, each persons' stand is a unique and essential contribution to a better drinking culture. People who want to reduce drinking can use the Hello Sunday Morning to set their own goals, interact with other participants and document their experiences.

So, if you want to bring fun back to your Sunday mornings check out:

If you want more ideas on how to look good, feel good and be in charge of your life as a student or staff at NUI Galway check out Student's Services Health Promotion or talk to Cindy at Cindy Dring, Health Promotion Officer for NUI Galway at 091-492048. Alternatively e-mail her at or just drop in to Aras Ni Eimhigh 
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