Friday, 11 September 2015

Up periscope: live broadcasts from Galway storytelling sessions

Audience at Crane Bar storytelling sesssion

At my storytelling sessions I’ve long grown accustomed to people taking pictures, tweeting and Facebooking and recording what I do. But then one of the friends of the Celtic Tales show, Máire Ní Mhaoláin, asked if she could do a Telescope TV broadcast of one of the evenings. 

I asked what she meant. She explained it very clearly and very precisely. I did not understand a word, so she explained it again. As she spoke my mind drifted off to a happy place filled with dragons and witches and all manner of exciting adventures. When Máire finished her simple introduction to live streaming I nodded and said ‘Yes’. (I say Yes to lots of things, I even wear a big red badge with the word Yes on it).

As a result of Máire enthusiasm, this week the show went live on air. As well as the packed out audience in the Crane Bar, people tuned in on their smart phones from all manner of places; from South Africa, Canada, and the USA. People even tuned in from Japan, where it was still only 4 in the morning.

Periscope logo
So now Máire is going to do a Telescope TV broadcast of all the shows. Which means that every Thursday, no matter what part of the planet you reside in, you can watch the show on your phone. Now, whilst I find this utterly stunning and mind blowing, it is apparently a very easy thing to do. Here is the explanation that Máire emailed me:

1.   If people cannot get along to the Crane Bar they can watch the show on Periscope.
2.   If they have a smartphone or iPhone, they can download the Periscope app  from the Google Store or Apple Store for free.
3.   Then, add Máire’s twitter account which is @kittee83
4.   After 8pm Irish Time on Thursday nights, Máire will broadcast Periscope live feeds from @kittee83 .
5.   As it can't be one long live video, the show will be broadcast in sections.  (There might be slight internet connection difficulties. Do not worry, that happens.)
6.   Viewers will get a notification every time saying that she is broadcasting.
7.   Viewers can text Máire by tapping on the screen to open the text dialogue, and they can also tap the screen to give "hearts" to show the love.
8 If you miss the show, do not worry, the broadcast will be available for 24 hours.

So there you go. If you feel the need for a blast of amazing storytelling, tune in Thursday evenings from 8pm. Oh, and to work out what time that is in your part of the world, check out this Time Zone Convertor 

See you all Thursday!

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