Saturday, 26 March 2016

Celtic Tales 2016 - Expect the Unexpected...

picture by Cora Dupray

My Celtic Tales storytelling shows start again on Thursday 7th April and will run every week until the end of October. Over the weeks and months I’ll be telling Irish and Scottish tales about magic, murder, warriors, witches, magical creatures, traitors, tricksters and much more. Every show will be followed by a free Trad music session. 

Expect the Unexpected
Picture by Cora Dupray
As fans of Celtic Tales have discovered over the years, stepping into the show always leads to unexpected events. As well as people from all corners and cultures of Ireland and the rest of the planet too, it’s not unusual to bump into camera crews, be recorded for a radio interview or two as the stories weave weird magic around and through everybody jammed into the Crane Bar’s upstairs venue. The stories themselves can turn and twist this way and that like the cow last year that turned into a dog during the telling of the tale of the Scottish cannibals. In addition to all of this, there will be a few changes this year. As well as new stories, once a month there will be a live broadcast of the show on the periscope app. 

Remembering 1916
Margaret Skinnider - Scottish 1916 rebel
I will also be commemorating the Easter Rising during the Celtic Tales shows this year. On May 12th, the anniversary of James Connolly’s execution, the Celtic Tales show will celebrate Connolly and Margaret Skinnider, the two Scots who took part in the rising. On June 16th Celtic Tales will honour Eamon Ceannt, the executed Galway-born leader of the Easter Rising. (As well as the Celtic Tales show, I am also one of the Galway voices reading out the 1916 proclamation in Galway Museum’s new interactive exhibition ‘Revolution in Galway 1913-1923’ exhibition.)

For details of times, location and prices of the show, see Rab Fulton Stories

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