Saturday, 26 April 2014

Energy Drinks will have a negative impact on your exams and studies

With study and exams students may be feeling a little jaded. There will be a temptation to reach for an energy drink. But don't do it.

One thing you should absolutely not be doing at exam time (or any other time) is take energy drinks. They do not boost your ability to focus. They increase anxiety with jolt and crash episodes and heart palpitations - all of which impacts on your ability to do the best in exams and in life in general.  Below is a clip from a USA news item which explains the dangers of energy drinks.

NB. The best energy drink is the cheapest and most readily available: water!

On the plus side there are plenty of low and no cost things that will help. Book a session in the Exam De-stress progamme  or check out the following articles:

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For more on the wider debate about energy drinks, check out killercoke

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