Monday, 31 March 2014

Hypnotherapy for Exam Destress Programme

Michael Mullen Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, and NLP Master Practitioner 

If you have Exam nerves, or problems with memory and motivation, hypnosis can help you increase your confidence and motivation. Other benefits include greater clarity of mind and concentration, desensitization of fears and phobias, greater peace of mind and feelings of relaxation. 

Hypnosis can also successfully treat smoking, slimming, nail biting, fears and phobia, compulsions insomnia, shyness and blushing, nightmares, headaches, Eating disorders, Emotional problems, panic attacks, stress, Irritable Bowel and Ulcers.

The exam distress programme runs from 7th - 16th April; 24th April - 2nd May.
Michael Mullen can be booked during the following Days and Times:
Wednesdays:  2pm - 5.30pm

30 mins,10 euro students / 20 euro staff
60 min, 20 euro students / 40 euro staff

To book an appointment email, call 091 49221 or pop in to the Wellness Centre in the Hub.  Please include your phone number when booking.

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