Thursday, 20 March 2014

Worried About Your Weight?

Many new (and not so new) college students struggle with their bodies and eating, and the demands of third level education can be a trigger for these problems. 

The Pro Youth site provides support and information students need to feel good about themselves and have a positive college experience! The peer support, message boards, blog, monitoring questionnaires and online chats with a counsellor on the Pro Youth site will help more third level students receive support to manage issues that might otherwise keep them from enjoying and engaging with their studies.

Pro Youth is a supportive online community helping students stay body positive and talk about their concerns with their peers in a safe place.

Pro Youth allows students the chance to open up and talk, instead of turning to extreme diets, excessive exercise and unhealthy weight management strategies! 

Pro Youth also provides a Self Test, to assess your risk of developing an eating disorder. Answering the questions takes about five minutes. After processing the test you can register as a user and get full access to the extended functions of the ProYouth online support system. If you think Pro Youth would help you, please click HERE


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