Monday, 31 March 2014


Linda Martin, ITEC, CIBTAC Holistic Massage, Sports
Massage, Dip Reflexology

A natural healing art based on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet, hands and ears and their referral areas within zone related areas, which correspond to every part, gland and organ of the body. Through application of pressure on these reflexes, the feet being the primary area of application, reflexology relieves tension, improves circulation and helps promote the natural function of the related areas of the body. The benefits may include feelings of relaxation, calmness, and rejuvenation. 
Booking required

The exam distress programme runs from 7th - 16th April; 24th April - 2nd May.

Linda Martin can be booked during the following Days and Times:
Thursdays:  10am - 1.00pm

30 mins,10 euro students / 20 euro staff
60 min, 20 euro students / 40 euro staff
To book an appointment email, call 091 49221 or pop in to the Wellness Centre in the Hub.  Please include your phone number when booking.

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