Monday, 22 September 2014

Homesick? Don’t panic, it’s perfectly normal…

Being away from home for the first time can be stressful. Homesickness can
As the crow flies, by Marina Wild
also make students feel depressed and lacking in motivation.

Recent researchers from Duke University, USA, found that a good way of coping with homesickness and depression is by developing a sense of Self Compassion. Instead of being critical of one self, be kind and gentle especially when things seem to be going wrong; accept that homesickness is a normal feeling; and accept your feelings, you are human after all, you are allowed to feel a little blue. Checkout Self-Compassion for Freshmen

Columbia University’s online students advice project GO ASK ALICE has some great advice for coping with homesickness; including setting aside time to chat, skype or email friends and family back home; put up pictures from home; invite friends and family to come visit you on campus; get friends and family to send you food from home; meet people by joining clubs or societies. For more check out: Homesick — having trouble adjusting to college life

In NUI Galway there is always plenty of ways to make friends and explore new ideas. Check out Societies  or Clubs  or maybe you would enjoy volunteering. You might also want to check out the Arts Classes run by wonderful NUI Galway illustrator Marina Wild. 


As for those time when you feel down, remember sadness is not depression. Sometimes, as this online article form DailyGood explains sadness can in fact be good for you 


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Remember, if you have problems or worries you feel you would like to talk about confidentially, contact Cindy Dring, Health Promotion Officer for NUI Galway at 091-492048. Alternatively e-mail her at or just drop in to Aras Ni Eimhigh.

For more on how to look good, feel good and be in charge of your life as a student at NUI Galway check out Student's Services Health Promotion

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