Tuesday, 2 September 2014

"Walking Wisdom Woodquay"

With the beginning of the semester, there is impulse among staff and students to rush into the new academic year. Yet calmness and reflection are great

ways for building up the resilience needed to cope with new studies and new deadlines. September is a busy month, but fortunately there is also a wonderful project taking place a few minutes walk from NUI Galway which will allow staff and students to positively engage with their immediate surroundings and boost their inner strength.

"Walking Wisdom Woodquay" is a creative project bringing together Dance, Architecture and Community Participation. Bernadette Divilly, together with the Woodquay community and ‘Design with Communities’, an initiative by Galway City Architects Office, will investigate and map the Woodquay area of Galway City using the wisdom of the body.  The intention is to enable the local community to engage with urban design through Arts engagement.

"Walking Wisdom Woodquay"  is a project about, relationship with ourselves, each other and place, introducing the themes of inclusion, identity and belonging. Bernadette will share why Woodquay is an inspiring place to investigate - using the wisdom of the body and simple pedestrian action to generate dilemmas and solutions for urban regeneration.  She will be joined by special guests who have an in-depth local knowledge of Woodquay and an invested interest in the project.

The project runs throughout September 2014, please go to  www.bernadettedivilly.com for further details or check out the facebook page:  www.facebook.com/WalkingWisdomWoodquay

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