Thursday, 2 October 2014

Free Wellbeing Boosters

With autumn upon us, now is a good time for drawing closer to friends and family as the days shorten and the weather freshens.  Sharing meals, car pooling, letting others have a loan of books, CDs, and clothes for a night out are all great ways of boosting your mood and helping everybody stay positive.  

In a recent article Seven Ways Sharing Can Make You Happy Jill Suttie explains that the benefits of sharing include increased trust, cooperation, positive social interactions and gratitude which are all linked to a boost in happiness. Gratitude and counting your blessings can also reduce negative emotions.


What is particularly inspiring about all this is that the benefits of sharing and gratitude are absolutely FREE.  Unlike most things in Austerity Ireland sharing and gratitude can be enjoyed by anyone for absolutely no cost at all.  Enjoy!

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