Tuesday, 19 May 2015

A breakdown in discipline (a poem in support of a YES vote in the marraige equality referendum)

A breakdown in discipline

There has been a complete
Breakdown in discipline.
The rain that was predicted
To last all day instead
Stopped at lunchtime.
Black clouds hover but
The wind shoos them westward.

In consequence children
Returned from school have failed
To change out of their uniforms.
Wholesome meals on the table
Are being avoided as our offspring
Instead sit in the park
Surrounded by bikes and scooters,
The sunlight darting off helmets,
Faces sticky with illicit ice lollies.

There has been a complete
Breakdown in discipline.
The sun is strong.
The rain stays at a distance.
No homework has been done,
Instead there is blethers, giggles,
Satisfied sticky slurps.

And if, this Friday, all goes well
There will be a resounding Yes
In the marriage equality referendum
Giving all our children a future
As bright as these sun snatched
Minutes out from rain clouds and tedium.
Fingers crossed then
That there will continue to be
A complete breakdown in
Mindless discipline.

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