Thursday, 14 May 2015

Join the Yes March for Equal Marriage Rights for all – this weekend!

The March for Equality will be meeting at Eyre Square at 1:30 this saturday and will be making its way down to the Spanish Arch then, where it will be joining the YesEquality Bus. After the march Ben & Jerry's YEStival Galway : Spanish Arch will take place at 2 O'clock!

Speakers include Union of Students in Ireland (USI) Annie MakeGráthelaw Hoey. And keep an eye out for the unveiling of  GIG Soc's fab new banner.

Make sure to bring your family, friends and that person who ya see on the bus everyday. This will also be a great chance to help convince your unconvinced friends and family.

And for those that are still worried that Same Sex Marraige will lead to the apocalypse, here's a relaxing wee video. Enjoy :-)

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