Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Award winning Travel Vloggers to record Celtic Tales storytelling show

The Vagabrothers
Travel vloggers Vagabrothers are coming to record The Crane Bar’s internationally acclaimed Celtic Tales storytelling session on Thursday 3rd September. Vloggers are people who share their experiences and opinions through an online video diary. Some like the Vagabrothers go on to win awards and gain a huge audience.

The Vagabrothers are Marko and Alex Ayling, two brothers, backpackers and bloggers, who are on a mission to discover the world by meeting with other young people. They are visiting Ireland to make three videos about Myths and Legends, so naturally they are coming to the Celtic Tales storytelling session on September 3rd. There they will be guaranteed to meet plenty of young people (and those still young at heart) and encountered the best of Ireland’s storytelling tradition.

Rab telling Celtic Tales in The Crane Bar
Celtic Tales features storyteller Rab Swannock Fulton, who specialises in reimaging the myths, folklore and urban legends of Ireland and Scotland, as well as stories from his family and from his own imagination. For this show he will be telling some of the darker stories that feature in his book Galway Bay Folk Tales 

Celtic Tales takes place every Thursday throughout the summer and autumn. As an added bonus, each Celtic Tales show is followed by a free Trad Music session. For details of Celtic Tales times and prices see http://rabfultonstories.weebly.com/celtic-tales.html

For more about Vagabrothers check out their YouTube channel www.youtube.com/vagabrothers

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