Sunday, 9 August 2015

Invitation to 'Metaphorica' - friday 14th August in Town Hall Theatre, Galway

Marina Wild
One of the great pleasures of writing Galway Bay Folk Tales was working again with the illustrator Marina Wild. Marina had previously illustrated the adventure poems for children that I wrote for the Múscailt Arts Festival. The images she created for the chapters of Galway Bay Folk Tales, are deceptively simple yet with a quirkiness and little added details that bring a whole new way of engaging with and appreciating the stories.  However, illustrating is only one of Marina's artistic skills as can be seen by checking out her website:
Marina Wild

Now Marina and her fellow artist Dagmar Drabent - whose work shifts between figurative and abstraction as it investigates the borderland between realities - are launching a joint Exhibition of their work. The opening night of their 'Metaphorica' is on Friday, 14 August, at 5:30pm upstairs in the Town Hall Theatre, Galway.  Get along and give your eyes, brain and soul a treat.
For more on Dagmar's work see: Dagmar Drabent


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