Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Laugh 'til you Fart!

Farts are funny. There’s no getting away from it. Even Dante had to throw a few bottom blasts into his masterpiece just to keep the narrative rolling along. In an age before the internet Dante had the demon Barbariccia communicating over long distances by making ‘a trumpet of his ass.’ (The Divine Comedy: Inferno.Canto XXI). Beckett, of course, was a great man for the farts.

One of the greatest farting scenes in world literature is that in the Bash Street Kids Annual 2007. The kids and their teacher take a trip to the deserts of Eygpt, wherein Fatty eats a huge bake bean sandwich and then lets rip with a fart so massive and majestic that he rises into the air like a rocket as the sands below are blasted away revealing an ancient pyramid…

But farts work best as a visual gag… Here’s one of Ireland’s most hilarious contributions to the Farting Hall of Fame.

I have to admit that I’ve not yet mentioned farts either in my blog articles or in my published books. But I have written plenty of funny stuff that, to quote a reader, 'made me laugh so hard I farted.’

Here then are some of my wittier articles. Hopefully they will get your new year off to a loud and happy start. Enjoy!

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