Thursday, 31 January 2013

Going through a tough time? Help is now online ...

Going through a tough time?   Help is now online with

This new online initiative includes:
Self help articles
Self help articles about stuff like chilling out exam stress, beating the blues, sex & sexuality, procrastination... check it out!

Everything you ever wanted to know about mental health but were
afraid to ask... Send a question or browse questions from other students around the country which have been answered by a professional counsellor.

Online supports
Find links to free online programmes to help with feeling down, eating issues and more.
Download MP3s from our audio library to help you to relax.

Online counselling
You can now connect with your college counselling service online.
A completely confidential, professional service free to students.
The first service of its kind in the country.

Student Mental Health Portal
Supporting Student Wellbeing

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