Friday, 20 September 2013

Twinges, Cricks & Cramps (those annoying aches and pains) - Free workshop

The run up to exam time is stressful enough without pain putting a spanner in the works. Unfortunately what we do to ourselves while studying, such as prolonged periods sitting at desks and computers, can lead to a myriad of problems such as back pain, neck and shoulder pain, headaches, tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome. Join Osteopath Siobhán Doran as she explains why these problems occur and what you can do to prevent or alleviate them.

Two part course. Booking required.

When: Wednesday 7.00 – 8.30pm
Date: 23rd & 30th October

Venue: AM104

To book a place e-mail:

The workshops are part of the Mind, Body & Soul programme

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