Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Patience & Stillness in the Digital Age

Patience and stillness are strengths that are under rated in the world of instant communication, information, titillation. We rush from experience to experience dipping a glance at everything, failing to submerge ourselves into anything and then blame our frustration and angst on the internet, mass communication and social media.

Yet blaming the medium is to deny our own responsibility in choosing whether to rush or to wait. Regardless of the technology of the world around us the simple fact is that the old adage is as true now as ever it was: things come to those who wait.

Taking a breath and being still is probably one of the most dynamic and rewarding decisions an individual can do and this is very much reflected in the digital art work of Nora Duggan. Her latest work Quad (2013) is a single channel video projection examining the relationship between time and image.

Part of the work can aslo be seen online. One of the images begins simply enough. We, the viewer, see the top of trees like black scratches against the pre-dawn sky. The image is so still it could be a photo or a sketch. But wait and watch… Slowly the sky lightens, there is movement. The subtlety and quietness of this artwork obliges the viewer to pause and create a moment of space in their live. It is also a work that evokes very different feelings from different viewers.

One of my friends found the image strange and slightly menacing, as if she were lying in a grave looking up at the sky. For me, and I can only speak for myself,  the experience of watching the piece was akin to those moments in meditation when the mind is poised and still, and memories and reflections from deeper in my psyche stir, and I have to choose to acknowledge them or let them drift gently away… 

Nora’s work can be watched in NUI G Art Gallery, The Quadrangle
When: OCT 18 – 26
Time: 12-4pm daily.
The Opening reception takes place on Friday, October 18th at 1pm.  All welcome.  Refreshments served.
View the image online at:

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Other Arts News:
Colours Theatre co are staging the COLOURS COLLECTIVE in the BOI Theatre NUIG this Sunday 20th  OCT from 4 to 6pm, for free. There will be song, dance, music, storytelling, art, theatre, performance and more. See you there! you wont get a better offer all week!

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