Wednesday, 30 October 2013

To give and receive love...

To give and receive love is one of the most healing and selfless exchanges that anyone can enjoy.  And sometimes, just sometimes, men, women and children, can express the beauty of love perfectly in words and images.

Below is one of the great Hebrew love poems, LIKE TWO BEASTS OF PREY, written by Jacob Steinberg. This English language translation is from the bi-lingual volume 'The Penguin Book of HebrewVerse', edited and translated by T. Carmi.

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like two beasts of prey, lost in the
night and stricken by thirst, who had
scurried about, panting for the vapour
of sweet waters, then dropped beside
the banks of a soundless pool,

and, overhearing something in the
darkness, desperate and wary in the
same breath, they only let their tongues
gently lick the edges of the still waves,
for an instant, then stop –

thus, in the ardour of our parched
nakedness, we paused, despairing and
embraced, on the banks of a slumbering
lake of pleasure, where not one wave

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