Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Tales for Halloween - in books and on youtube

As well as writing riskybizzness (the free book version of which is out soon) I write and perform spooky stories that are perfect for Halloween. 

One of my darker scary stories is Transformation, which is a dark adult fairy story set in modern Galway: Be warned though - it is not for the faint hearted. 

Galway Bay Folk Tales  is a book everybody can enjoy – it is my take on all those weird and wonderful (and sometimes dark and creepy) tales that can be found in the west of Ireland. One of the stories in it ‘The Girl Who Went For The Messages’ is perfect for Halloween.

My online blog novel Marcus Marcus & the Hurting Heart also has elements of very dark and scary stuff. But, again a word of caution – only read it if your into really weird sci-fi and fantasy.
But as I said I also tell stories, in particular tales from Scotland and Ireland.  Here is a link to a youtube clip of me telling a spooky comic Scottish folk tale called ‘Three Red Hats.’ This version was performed to a group of Irish and International students. The story is told over two youtube clips. The credits only last for 19 seconds then the fun begins in earnest. Oh yeah, this is an adult version but it can be easily adapted for younger audiences. If you enjoy it please have a go at telling it yourself. Enjoy!

For more about my work please check out

And finally keep an eye out for the launch of the riskybizzness booklet - I may even tell a tale or two at the event.

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