Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Public Speaking a problem?... help us learn more … and maybe win a Kindle Paperwhite

Public speaking a problem? … or not? … help us learn more
… and maybe win a Kindle Paperwhite

We know that, for a lot of students, speaking in front of a group is tough, and a lot of people can feel shy too about joining in social events. These kinds of social anxiety problems impact on most of us in a limited way or quite severely.    There are powerful methods of shrinking the problem, but people often feel too embarrassed to say that they have these difficulties.

Participate! is a project to tackle problems with social anxiety and to empower you to engage more fully in every aspect of your life, academic and social, now, and right through your career. It’s underway in NUIG this year and we’re kicking off with a survey to learn in more detail how this issue affects students and how we can take effective action to help. We want everyone to take the survey to get a comprehensive picture, so whether this problem affects you personally or not, you can do your part to help by taking the survey.

The link to the survey is:

Participate! Survey 2013

And no, we are not above bribery and corruption: take the survey and you can enter a draw for a Kindle Paperwhite.  We have … not 20 … not 200 … but … 2 Kindle Paperwhite e-readers to give away!! (We’re not made of money)

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