Thursday, 8 November 2012

Do girlfriends really know best? - by John Joe Kinsella

Do girlfriends really know best?
By John Joe Kinsella
While sitting in front of a blank screen and drawing more blanks as to coming up with fun ideas for keeping the pleasure going in a relationship, my phone rang. It was my girlfriend calling to say goodnight. When I told her what I was doing she had no hesitation in offering her tuppence to the pot. She began a litany of ; be patient, be tolerant, be a good listener and give her all the time that she wants to speak, be always ready for activities that she likes, never forget the boundaries, be more child-like instead of too serious, have a good sense of humour and always be ready to accept the things that you cannot change. I can only hazard a guess as to what she meant by that last one.

I tell you, my wrist was sore trying to scribble it all down as she blurted it out. I guess that different people have different ideas as to what constitutes fun and pleasure. Here I was thinking along the lines of understanding each other, maybe sharing the same hobbies and social scene, watching the same movies and generally just enjoying being in each other’s company. My problem at the start was that I was thinking too broadly. I was trying to encompass other relationships such as family and friend relationships and maybe even the relationship with your pet dog or whatever. However; my darling was not long narrowing my focus to the relationship that mattered most to her.

In all seriousness I think that you have to understand what brings pleasure, not only to you but to the others involved in the relationship, whether it is a group of friends, family or a romantic relationship with that someone special. If the pleasure in the relationship is not mutual then it can hardly be much fun for the others involved. Tolerable might be a better description. I believe that life is for living, relationships are a fundamental part of life and fun is a fundamental part of living. Life without fun sounds very boring.

I know that my girlfriend was only joking but just in case she was not I think I should consider getting a pet.

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