Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Tricky Questions, answered!

Risky Bizzness has now signed up for a weekly subscription to ‘Go Ask Alice’ the website that will answer any questions about any aspect of health and wellbeing without blushing or moralizing.

It is an America project but many of the Questions and Answers are pertinent to Irish students. This issues raised by ‘Go Ask Alice’ can be dealt with at NUI Galway also.
If you do have problems or worries you feel you would like to talk about confidentially contact Cindy Dring, Health Promotion Officer for NUI Galway at 091-492048. Alternatively e-mail her at cindy.dring@nuigalway.ie or just drop in to Aras Ni Eimhigh. 

Here’s the latest Q & A from ‘Go Ask Alice’. If you find them useful please tell all your friends…

New and Updated Q&As for the week of November 2, 2012

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