Monday, 12 November 2012

Food for exam studies

It is too easy to reach for junk quick snacks at exam time. Junk snacks are not food. They will not give you the nutrition and energy you need. If you eat them you will end up de-energized which will impact on your ability to study.

Here are some tips for exam time eating:

·        Have a breakfast. Cornflakes are not food. Start your day with good slow energy release food like a nourishing bowl of porridge
·        Eat small, frequent meals to keep your blood sugar and energy levels steady.
A great brain food is Scrambled Eggs
·        Have quick real food ready to hand.  Get into a routine of getting soup, sandwiches and salads ready. Either do it the night before or at the start of the day. It’ll be worth it.
·        Avoid sweets and sugary junk snacks. If you want something sweet eat fruit. Berries are great brain food. Other great snacks are raisins , nuts, yogurts,
·        Remember you need more than carbohydrates. Pasta is not enough by itself. Throw some vegetables and cooked meat or tofu into the sauce.
·        Cut back on the coffee
·        Keep away from alcohol
·        Drink water
·        Don’t eat and study at the same time. Use meals and snacks as time out from study – let your brain rest!
·        Reward yourself.  Treats might not give you energy and nutrition but they are great for comfort. When your study is done have that bar of chocolate or bowl or cornflakes or muffin. You’ll appreciate it all the more after a hard days study

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