Thursday, 8 November 2012

Magic Medicine. It's free. And it really works…

There’s a lot of wily wicked people out there with truckloads of money bombarding students with propoganda about how to be healthier, happier and generally more confident and fabulous.  All you have to do is hand over your money and suddenly the world’s your oyster. It’s all nonsense of course and in fact most of it will leave you physically and mentally drained and depleted.  

However, one of our readers, Henry at Slainte Soc, emailed to say he had in fact come across something that works wonders and is absolutely free. 

So we checked it out and its absolutley true. There is Magic Medicine. It's free. And it really works... All you have to do is take ten minutes to watch this YouTube video

As for the wily wicked people. If you want to know more about them have a look at the  Resist Peer and Corporate Pressure section of the Take A Risk page

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