Monday, 12 November 2012

Top Tips For Exam Revision - One

The Fife & Tayside Wider Access Forum has produced a fantastic transitions pack for students at Dundee University with great tips on all aspects of study.  This week riskybizzness will be posting up the forum’s tips on Top Tips for Exam Revision

The key to successful revision is to be fully aware of what your course is about – this means that you need to have a full set of lecture notes, handouts and notes from your own supplementary reading. Once you have all that in place; then you are ready to begin.

Go to past Exam papers and identify the style of questions, the topics that frequently come up and match these against the learning objectives (or outcomes) of your course and the time devoted to these topics in the lecture programme. Make a list of these topics and identify which you have covered in tutorials or assignments. From this list select the topics that you intend to revise, making sure that you have some topics ‘in reserve’ so that, should your favourite topics not come up, you still have options open to you.  See: NUIG Past Exam Papers 

Create a blank timetable of the time you have before your exam. Working backwards from the date of your exam, plot in other commitments and then block in the time that you have available to cover your chosen topics. Be sure to leave some time for all the daily things such as eating, shopping, sleeping and relaxing.


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