Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Top Tips for Exam Revision - Three

Here are the last Top Tips for Exam Revision, originally put together by Fife & Tayside Wider Access Forum.

Working out plans for potential questions is a good revision tactic. It not only helps you to work out logical connections between the points of an argument or the sequence of operations you might need to perform in the exam. But it also helps you to do this quickly and efficiently in the exam. Sometimes you will receive a mark or two for the plan if you have been unable to finish an answer but seem to be have been writing on the write lines.

Before the exam, work out exactly how much time that you will have to answer each question, ensuring that you take into account time needed for reading the question, doing a brief plan, writing your answer and checking it afterwards.

NINE: Practice Writing Answers
Many students find that they have difficulty writing to a time limit, and so it is worthwhile trying to write your answer against the clock. You need to discipline yourself not to write beyond the allotted span of time as you won’t be able to overrun beyond the end of the allocated time on the day.

TEN: Specialists Terms
While marks may not be deducted for mis-spelling of general vocabulary, you may find that penalties are imposed if you mis-spell subject specific words. For examples, a politics student would be expected to know how to spell ‘government’ or a biology student would be expected to know how to spell ‘mitochondrion’.

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