Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Top Tips For Exam Revision - Two

This week riskybizzness is posting up Top Tips for Exam Revision, originally put together by Fife & Tayside Wider Access Forum.

For some people revision is a chore that quickly becomes boring and unproductive. To ensure that you are engaged with what you are trying to learn, you might think about reducing your lecture notes, handouts and other material to short notes. Alternatively, you might think of recording your notes and listening to these as you travel or do other things when you are not studying. Much of this will depend on your favoured natural learning style.

Sometimes exam questions draw on more than one topic from the lecture course, so it is important to think about logical connections, comparisons or contrasts that just might ask you to cover two topics in a single question. For example, a question such as ‘Consider whether Napoleon’s contribution to the French legal system outweighed his contribution to France’s international power’ requires an understanding of both the legal code and the international policies.


Some people find that discussing the topics with friends doing the same course by quizzing each other can be a useful way of imprinting the ideas in their minds. Family members act as oral examiners. Voicing your answers can provide a rehearsal for the exam and this kind of activity also makes those around you feel less distanced from your activities.

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