Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Writing Competition - Stunning Prizes - Free Entry

Write a flash essay on fun ways to keep the pleasure going in a relationship.

Maximum length 500 words. 

The best essays will be added to the blog. 

Top prizes: one each for the best female and male entry.

(Handy Tip 1. Feel free to let your imagination run riot) 
(Handy Tip 2. Relationships can include lovers , friends , family , pets, etc) 

Closing date for competition is Wednesday 24th October.

Winners will be announced Monday 29th October.

Prizes include 50 euro worth of tokens for Print That.

Send entries to: riskybuzz@gmail.com

Please include your name and student I.D. with your entry. 

If you would like your essay published under a nom de plume please include your alter ego's name.

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