Thursday, 4 October 2012

D'Mess Talk tonight -'It'll be epic!'

It'll be a great night tonight in the Kirwan Theatre where Shane Mullins will be a giving a talk that he promises 'will be epic'.  A camera crew is already on the way, so it should be a fun fun evening!

Shane's story is an all too familiar and often tragic one - young lad, drinking and driving, crashes his car. Fortunately Shane Mullins, though severely injured, survived his accident. 

Recovering from the consequence of his actions he began to put together a talk programme to try and get young adults to face up to their own risky behaviour. The programme is called D'Mess which stands for determination, motivation, emotional support and social life.
The event is organised by Students Services Health Promotion  in conjunction with Corrib Residents Assistance and begins at 6pm. See you all in there! 

For more on Shane see the Irish Times article

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Looking for ideas on how you can look after you and your friends mental health? Here's four things worth checking out:
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  1. This sounds brilliant and I really wanted to go but unfortunately could not make the talk, do you know if Shane will be back to give his talk again, even next year?