Friday, 26 October 2012

Halloween Horror – Galway Lad Becomes A Zombie!

We always think that bad things happen to other people, that somebody else will become a zombie – not me. But the truth is anyone can turn into a flesh eating abomination.

Shuggie O’Shea was a first year science student at NUI Galway.  Last year he found himself at a Halloween drinking session in Galway's Latin Quarter. Shuggie was dressed up as Dr. Frank-N-Furter. After a failed attempt at doing the time warp dance he decided he would try to impress his friends by breaking the world record for getting pissed the fastest.

Figuring the swiftest route to his brain was via his nasal cavity, Shuggie attached one end of a hose pipe to a barrel of lager and inserted the other end up his nose. After pushing the hose in as deep as it would go he shouted out, 'Release the lager!'

Sadly the barrel's flow valve broke, and ten gallons of the lager shot into Shuggie's skull with the force of a rocket propelled grenade.  As well wishers cheered and whistled their appreciation, the bold Shug's head exploded in a shower of alcohol and brain matter.

His fellow imbibers quickly realized something was wrong. For though the top of his head was missing, Shuggie’s managed to push himself back onto his feet.  Then, instead of heading to the bar for a drink as expected, he grabbed a Mad Hatter from Ballybane and proceeded to bite into his skull, all the while groaning and drooling, ‘brains, I must have brains.’

Shuggie had in fact died when his brains had been blown out. Unfortunately he was too drunk to realize what had happened and his body remained sickenly animate.  Animate and hungry - for human flesh…

So remember if you are going out this Halloween, keep an eye out for Shuggie the Zombie, and try not to get pissed to impress all your friends…

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  1. How often have we see this and said "never again". thank god we never ended up like Shuggie - a miracle really.