Monday, 8 October 2012

Free Clown workshops!

To be a clown is to be HUMAN. Discover your own clown and earn your nose.
Sign up for free  ‘Introduction to Red Nose Clown’ workshop. Workshop runs over three fun days. Only a few places still available so sign up as soon as you can.Featuring Group Exercises. Solo exercises.  Taught by Lee DeLong *, writer/director/teacher of Red Nose Clown.

Dates and Times
Tue 16 October  10-5pm
Wednesday 17 October 10-5pm
Thursday 18 October 10-5pm (Percussion added by ‘Gombeen’ Miquel Barceló on Thursday afternoon.)

VENUE: Ground Floor, Conradh na Gaeilge, Dominic Street, Galway

 * Originally from West Virginia, Lee  DeLong trained at Jacques LeCoq in Paris for 3 years. Since then, Lee has lived and worked in France, in Theatre, Film and Red Nose Clown, travelling often throughout Europe.

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