Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Top Tips for research - part one

The Fife & Tayside Wider Access Forum has produced a fantastic transitions pack for students at Dundee University with great tips on all aspects of study.  In September we posted up  the forums Tops Tips For Note Taking In Lectures.This week riskybizzness will be posting up the forum’s Top Tips for research.

One: Ask questions all the time
What do you know? What do you need to know more about?  What do you not know? Never stop asking questions? Treat your research like explorers treat their journey – always looking around them, picking up new information, thinking about where next to head. So you can use your questions to ask yourself how much you are understanding and what you need to research next to help you complete your coursework tasks.

Two: Is what you’re read in relevant? Will it help you answer your questions?
There might be times when you can read about the subjects you are studying for personal pleasure and take your time over it – enjoy those moments. More familiar might be the times you have a deadline pressing and you can’t afford to read anything that won’t be directly useful. Think as you research whether what you are reading is helping you. Have you answered your questions about that aspect of the topic – do you know enough about it for now to move on? What new questions do you have as a result of what you have read?

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