Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Dating - Go For It! Have Fun!

If you are interested in dating the Canadian publication 'Transitions Student Reality Check' has great advice - go for it!  The publication does advice though that you remember you still have studies and exams to do. And there are some things to consider as well:

·        Don’t date your flat mate. If you break up, you’ll  be stuck with that person until the end of the lease and it could get awkward.
·        Don’t cheat on them. If you don’t want to be exclusive, be open and tell the person you don’t want an exclusive relationship. But then don’t expect exclusivity from them either.
·        Avoid drama. If the relationship is getting too complicated or stressful, get out nbefore it affects your grades and other as[ects of your life.
·        Have fun! Enjoy hanging out with lots of people and don’t rush into anything.

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