Friday, 28 September 2012

Active Travel in Galway - Walking & Cycling

Travelling by car in Galway can be frustrating. Finding parking in town or on campus can be a nightmare! Travelling by bus is generally easier but there is an even more fun – and by far cheaper - way of getting about the city. It is called Active Travelling, which means simply walking or cycling to NUI Galway.  

The benefits are not only financial. Being moderately active for thirty minutes a day can help you to be healthier in body and mind. It's not that difficult. Short bouts of at least 10 minutes can be accumulated. The HSE’s Get Ireland Active campaign explains that ‘being active helps release chemicals in your brain (endorphins), which have a positive effect on your mood, not to mention the benefits to your heart, lungs, muscles and bones.  Getting out and being active is also a great way to manage stress.’ 

Walking with a friend is a good way of catching up and networking.  You can walk all the way from your house to campus or simply get off the bus a stop or two early.

For cyclists, there are plenty of parking places on campus. If you work up a sweat getting into NUIG, there are showers for cyclists now available in the new basement toilets of the Quadrangle Building.

For more details on availability of showers, etc. see Buildings Office
For more on cycling in Galway check out:

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