Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Meet The Fabulous Rizky Bizz Crew!

Today the fabulous risky bizzness crew will be out and about with their health promotion stall in the Bailey Allen Hall from  1pm to 4pm.  Now’s your chance to meet us and find out about all the work we’re doing in the Wellness centre to promote resilience and a healthy mind, body & soul. 

We’ll be easy to spot. Simply look for a gathering of the most fabulous and healthy looking individuals in the Bailey Allen Hall and that will be us.

As well as chatting and handing out leaflets we’ll also be signing up more Health Connect Volunteers. The first batch of volunteers have now completed their training, and the second batch will be going into the Training Pit any day now.

We’ll also be handing out contraceptives to mark World Contraceptive Day – we would appreciate it if you could refrain from using them until after you have left our stall…

See you  all soon!

For more on contraception see

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