Friday, 28 September 2012

Take A Risk - Make Friends

Friendship increases your sense of belonging, purpose and self esteem. Some people like lots of friends, others prefer a small group. There are times when you need to relax in the company of others, and times when you need to just chill by yourself.  But it is good to know you have people you can rely on for fun, support, ideas.

It can be intimidating making friends but when you are ready to try here’s a few things you can do:

Say hello: Remember, you are not the only one beginning this new life journey. You are surrounded by people who are attending third level education for the first time. They will welcome a smiling face. Ask how they are doing? What subjects are they interested in? Do they want to go for a coffee? What bus do they get in to town?

Accept invites: to parties and other social events. Don't worry if you don’t know anybody, half the people there won’t know anybody either!

Social Networking: Tweet, blog, facebook and texting are all great ways to engage with new people. You can meet up for a walk, talk, swim in the Galway Bay, flash party or whatever takes your fancy.

Get to lectures early: It will give you an opportunity to have a quick chat, finding out if there is any socializing going on.

Be interested: in what other people are saying. 

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