Tuesday, 18 September 2012

More Top Tips For Note Taking in Lectures

Here are more of The Fife & Tayside Wider Access Forum's top tips on Notemaking in Lectures. Previous tips can be read at:  Top Tips For Note Taking in Lectures.

THREE: DO NOT DOODLE. This is a distraction and breaks concentration.

FOUR: ORGANISE. Organise your notes.

  • ·        Use a ring binder

  • ·        Separate folders for each course

  • ·        Label, number and date all pages

FIVE: HIGHLIGHT. Highlight important information.

SIX: USE ABBREVIATIONS. Use abbreviations – be consistent.

SEVEN: USE SYMBOLS  Use symbols e.g.
  • ·        ? to indicate if you don’t understand something
  • ·        !! to indicate something you want to find out more about
  • ·         use a tick to indicate something that you want to incorporate into an assignment, or something that you agree with.
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