Monday, 17 September 2012

Top Tips For Note Taking in Lectures

The Fife & Tayside Wider Access Forum has produced a fantastic transitions pack for students at Dundee University with great tips on all aspects of study.  This week riskybizzness will be posting up the forum’s tips on Notemaking in Lectures.

ONE: BE PREPARED Before the lecture – be prepared
  • ·        Read the lecture synopsis
  • ·        Read the appropriate reading materials, making notes
  • ·        At a suitable time before the lecture read your notes
  • ·        Read the notes from the previous lecture
The above points help you to familiarize yourself with the topic, the terminology, and the language of the lecture enabling easier note making during the lecture.

TWO: LISTEN During the lecture – listen
  • ·        Make sure that you have a seat where you can see and hear the lecturer
  • ·        Avoid distractions, sitting at the front of the room often helps with this
  • ·        Pay attention – you only have this opportunity to hear / see this lecture
  • ·        Listen and look for signals e.g. “This may be useful for your assignment”, “There are 4 main points in this…”
  • ·       If a point is repeated it usually means that it is very important
  • ·        Make sure that you copy anything that is put on the board / overhead projector – this  may not be in handouts
  • ·        Make sure that any points you are confused with, or didn’t understand, are clarified – ASK QUESTIONS
Listening is an important activity for making notes; having done step 1 above; you will be more in tune with the lecture therefore listening and note making are easier.

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