Thursday, 13 September 2012

Serial Killers & Domestic Chores...

The relationship between students and serial killers is usually viewed as quite negative – not least because:

a)   Many serial killers suffer from severe social skill problems.
b)   Students have problems with being dead – corpses can have difficulty getting into parties, matriculating for exams, etc.

However in order to minimise any forensic evidence many serial killers have developed cleaning skills that can easily be adapted by students and other home makers. 

Successful mass murderers store body parts in the bottom of the fridge, and preferably in an air tight container. This minimises the forensic trace of the body bits and also stops them dripping on other food stuffs and possibly contaminating them with poisonous bacteria (There is nothing worse than a serial killer with a jippy tummy).

Serial killers who enjoy nibbling dead bodies  have to be very careful about their bodily excretions (pooh!) as they can contain evidence. The trouble with such excretions is that if they splash on to the bowl they can quickly turn hard and become very difficult to remove. Which is why successful serial cleaners clean their toilet on a regular basis.

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