Friday, 14 September 2012

massage, relaxation, meditation

Aisling Battersby's wonderful massage sessions begin Monday morning 17th September and will run throughout the semester. Sessions take place in the little Relaxation Room beside the Wellness Centre at the back of The Hub / An Baile Beag. Each session lasts for thirty minutes. Price: 20 euro for students / 25 Euro for staff. To book in advance call Aisling on: 087 6722395. For more on Aisling see 

The Relaxation Room can also be booked by students and staff for thirty minute chill sessions. There is no cost for this. Just call the Wellness Centre in advance at 494221 or 492048. It's your chill session, so have a nap, listen to music, unwind.

Don’t forget, there is also Moya’s Meditation Classes every Thursday.


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