Monday, 17 September 2012

Fun Fag Facts - the benefits of smoking?

Some people are adamant that smoking can be good for you. So riskybizzness did a considerable pile of research and discovered that yes there are indeed some possible benefits to smoking. These FUN FAG FACTS will be posted up over the next couple of weeks. If we miss out any other benefits please drop us a line:

FUN FAG FACTS number one. Houses that contain smoking tenants over any length of time will have considerably less insects. That means less spiders staring up at you when you step into the shower and less flies squatting on the cold curry you want to have for breakfast. The reason is simple; nicotine is in fact an insecticide. In addition cigarettes also contain arsenic, which will put manners on even the more stubborn of bugs and beasties. 

- Posted by Rab

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