Monday, 24 September 2012

Food Is Fun

Food is fun. Not only does it give you energy but it tastes great and is wonderful for sharing with friends and helping everybody relax.

A healthy diet costs very little, is stress free and is very simple.
·        Make sure you eat a good balance of food types.
·        The best foods are the ones nearest to their natural state.
·        Make sure there are different colours of food on your plate.
·        Enjoy cooking your own food.
·        When you are hungry, eat.
·        When you are full, stop.
·        As long as you are getting adequate exercise your body will pretty much look after itself.
·        It’s that easy.

Remember cooking is not a time waster. It is valuable time giver. It gives your brain much needed time off from study. Cooking allows you to have control over what you eat. It is cheaper than eating out or ordering takeout meals. The finished product is something you can share with friends. It is a skill that will aid and comfort you throughout your life. 

Handy Tip 1 Brain food can be very easy to make: scrambled egg and toast or chopped fruit and natural yogurt.
Handy Tip 2 Remember there is a difference between real food and processed food.
For more on cooking check out: Beyond Mac & Cheese
For soley veggie meals check out: allrecipes


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